1) What is Ad Posting Job?

It is as simple as the name suggests. All you have to do is post the ads given to you on different classified websites, blogs, and forums.

2) What are the basic requirements to Get started in this Ad Posting Job?

To get started, you need to fulfil very basic needs like having an internet connection and knowing how to use the internet. You can work from any place where you have access to the internet.

3) From where will I get the Ad Matter & List of Classifieds websites, Blogs & Forums?

We have a members’ area which holds thousands of ads of different companies, websites blogs and forums. After you have finished the registration process, we will provide you with a username and password and log into this members’ area and start working.

4) Is it compulsory to do Ad Postings for all the Ad Matters given in the members Area?

You are free to choose any of the available ad postings that you like.

5) Is there any time limit for each Ad posting & what will be the daily & monthly work load to get paid?

There is no fixed time limit for this work. You are free to work whenever you please to. There are also no fixed limits for daily posting. Only the monthly count is considered. There is a minimum amount of ads that you need to post in order to get paid. Only when you have fulfilled the requirement of posting those minimum number of ads, you’ll get paid for all the ads that you posted.

6) What if I submit less than Ads in a month, will I ‘be paid for this?

If you fail to meet the requirement of posting the minimum number of ads, you will not get paid for those ads for that month. Although, those ads will be carried forward and counted in the next month’s work and will be added to your next month’s payment. This is implied for bothtypes of plans. For example, if you posted 50 ads in a month and didn’t meet the minimum criteria, and then you if you post 100 ads in the next month, for that month, instead of 100, 150 ads will be considered and you’ll be paid for those 150 ads.

7) How much I’ll be paid for each Ad Posting?

We have two types of payment plans. Here is how they work:

For Executive Plan for per ad:

Minimum Earning will be x Ads = $100

Maximum Earning will be x Ads = $1500

For Professional Plan for per ad:

Minimum Earning will be x Ads = $100

Maximum Earning will be x Ads = $3000

8) Is the above earning for just Ad Posting or we will get only after it has been clicked or any sale has been generated?
Your payment doesn’t rely on if the ads get clicked on or not. You get paid just for posting it, too. The payment plans mentioned in point number 7 are for just posting the ads on free classified websites, forums or blogs. You will get paid for each ad that you post.

9) What if my posted Ad got clicked or any sale is generated through it will I get paid for that?

Yes, you get paid not only for posting ads, but also when an ad that you posted gets clicks. This is based on the payment plan that you choose during registration. This money that you will earn when an ad gets clicked, is additional income.

10) How I’m going to know how many & which of my posted has got clicks & sale?

Since all the ads that you post will have codes, you can easily keep track of them in the members’ area. Over there, you can easily find out which of your ads are getting clicks, the number of clicks that each ad that you post is getting, and if those clicks are turning into sales. You will be able to see your earnings in real time. It’s a very simple and streamlined system.

11) What if none of my posted Ad got clicks or none of them generated any sale, will I still get the regular Payment?

You get paid for posting ads even when they don’t turn into sales, even if they don’t get any clicks at all. You will be paid regularly every month. And if any ad that you post gets clicks and sales, you’ll be paid with additional income.

12) Any roughly Idea, how much Additional Income I can made every month?

According to the data from the ads posted by the other candidates, on a daily average, the ads posted by you can get 10-50 clicks. Considering those numbers, the extra amount for those clicks could be $50 – $200. And assuming that at least 2 sales were generated from those ads, that would be an extra $100 – $500, based on the plan that you chose. Basically, the more ads you post, the higher your chances of receiving these additional incomes for clicks and sales.

13) Is there any type of accuracy going to be counted, for Ad Posting?

You will receive finished ads in the members’ area. All you have to do is copy paste them in the posting box.

14) Is there any type of software I’m going to get for this Ad Posting Project?

To enable you to post ads in matters of seconds without wasting too much time, we have provided with an ‘Ad Posting’ software which you will have to download.

15) What will be procedure of doing Ad Posting?

Considering our streamlined ‘Ad Posting’ software, the procedure is quite simple. You have to choose any ad that you please from the members’ area. Then, you have to go to the ‘Post Free Ad’ section, and just click ‘Post Ad’. With the software, it’s just a matter of seconds and a couple of clicks.

16) In a single Website, How many Ads you can Post in a single day?

For a single website, you are permitted to post only 10 ads a day. Also, you cannot repeat ads on the same website. Since we will have provided you with thousands of ads as options to post, once you register and login, it will be easy to not repeat them on a single website.

17) How you people going to know whether I posted an Ad or Not?

Once you are finished with posting an ad, you have to copy paste the URL of that website on which you posted the ad, on our reporting server. That process, too, like the process of posting an ad, is very easy. You will be given more instructions to help you understand the work once you register and login.

18) Will there be anything like, I’ve to pay money to websites before posting Ads there?

You don’t have to spend any money to be able to post ads. You will only be given with options of free classifieds, blogs and forums.

19) Is there any chance of getting my account terminated?
Yes, there are scenarios under which your ‘Ad Posting’ account could be terminated. They are listed below.

1. If you have not done any work for 2 consecutive months.

2. If you are posting ads on auto traffic, auto surf and auto click generating websites.

3. If you have not posted the ads correctly in the classifieds for a long time.

4. If you are posting ads with altered content without contacting us or without our permission.

5. If you are violating any of our rules and regulation.

20. Can I upgrade or downgrade to any plan in future?

Yes, you can do that. You will only have to pay the difference amount between your current plan and the plan you want to upgrade to. And if you are downgrading the plan, you will not receive the difference amount.

21. Okay all my points are clear, How to join this profitable Home Job?

The first thing you need to decide before registering is your payment plan. Once you have finalised that, you have to fill the registration form for the ‘Ad Posting’ job. After filling and submitting the form, you will be redirected to the payment page. There, you can pay the registration fees through your credit card, or paypal account, or wire transfer, or through a western union. If you are an Indian candidate without any of the above options available, you can also pay through a demand draft, or through a fund transfer directly to our bank account. You can also do a cash deposit to our bank account. After completing the fund transfer, you will have to e-mail us the transaction id of the transfer and a copy of the registration form as an attachment to infodataentryworks@gmail.com. In case of payment through a cash deposit, you are requested to send us a scanned copy of the cash counter slip with the bank’s stamp on it. Once your payment to us is confirmed, you will be given your login credentials and further instructions within 24 hours through e-mail.