1) What is a content Writer?

Content writing is a form of online writing that blogs and business use as a strategy to grow their business. Working with us, you won’t have to create new content, you’d just have to compile content from different resources of companies into the right categories.

You’ll also get all the details like in which category you have to place particular contents. We have more than 5000+ companies waiting for you, and a vast database.

2) What are the basic skills required in content writer?

A good content writer must understand what content is required and should be able to pull together apt content from websites. You can work with us from any country. We pay in USD, to know the details in your currency, visit www.xe.com.

3) What’s the Basic concept of working as a Content Writer?

Basically, a content writer writes content that would help a company grow or manage their business. Working with us, your Job is to arrange content for companies in right categories. It’s not work that takes hours and hours trying to figure out what content goes where and in which category, it’s pretty straightforward work.

4) Is it compulsory to work for all the contents and categories I see in the database given to me?

No, there are no such restrictions. You can choose any content of your liking to work on.

5) Do I’ve to write myself anything other than getting contents from the database?

No, only rarely you might have to add some words here and there to join the curated content. But even that much original content from your side is not necessary to finish the work and get paid.

6) Is there any type of Accuracy going to be counted, or what If I see any spelling mistakes in the contents?

You can check for spelling mistakes, other than that, there are no accuracy terms for this work as you use the database provided. We only recommend you to check for the rare spelling mistakes. Even if you miss out on some of th mistakes, you’ll be paid as per the payment chart.

7) How many content can I put in a single category?

Unless asked to do otherwise, you can work on maximum 10. You would get thousands of categories, so better choose different categories every time.

8) What should be the length of the contents?

It ranges from 2 to 4 lines.

9) How will I know that my work is valid & I’ll be paid for that ?

You can check your work in the ‘My Account’ section and before the end of the month, you can make changes and corrections to it. The validity or invalidity of the completed work and payment details will all be notified to you through email.

10) How much I’ll be paid for each content writing Job ?

Payment for each piece of content depends on your chosen working plan. We have 2 working plans for candidates: Registration Fees [Non Refundable]

– 110USD ( 5500 INR ) For Basic Plan

– 140 USD ( 10000 INR ) For Professional Plan

Pro Writers – Here you will be paid per content writing As per this plan, you have to do a minimum of content writing every month in order to get paid. Featured Content Writers – Here you will be paid per content writing. Apart from these, you will also avail the below benefits. As per this plan, you have to do a minimum of content writing job every month in order to get paid. Additional Earning

Payment as per your ranking on the server which will be additional 20% of your total Income.

2. You’ll be entitled in career oriented category, where all your details & Photo will be visible to different companies, who may appoint you as per your work & can give you additional direct Jobs.

3. Additional Bonus, from our side as per your work – means if you do more than 80% of the content writing work, you will get additional 25% of your total Income.

11) Why I’ve to pay registration fees ?

We ask for registration fees to cover the serve maintenance charger which run 24/7. It also includes things like administrative charges, Live support Charges, Account Maintenance Charges, Mailing and Postal charges for life time if required. Managing and providing this kind of work from a large amount of companies to help you earn from home is extensive work and that registration fees facilitates this work and helps us run a 100% scam free service. We also take care of all your monthly payments. Also, we do this so we get to work with people who take the work serious and are not just spammers, so we can keep our servers secure.

12) Ok Now I’m satisfied & interested in this Content Writing Job, let me know how to proceed and Join this Job?

To get started as a freelance content writer for different companies, we offer you 2 different Job plans: Registration Fees

(1) : Content Writer Job Basic Plan : 110USD ( 5500 Indian Rupees )

(2) : Content Writer Job Basic Plan : 140USD ( 10000 Indian Rupees )

Once you fill the registration form, you’ll get the option to pay through credit card, paypal, wire transfer, money gram, or western union. After you have made the payment, for which you’ll get 24 hrs, you’ll receive your details for logging into the system through email. You’ll also be providedcategory details, Instruction guides and Server Details.

Indian customers – You can also pay us through demand drafts or by trabsferrin the amount directly into our accounts. DD should be in favor of “data-entry-works.com” payable at Vadodara, along with this attach the copy of online registration form duly filled and signed with your photograph (not compulsory). It’s compulsory for Indian customers to send the registration form duly signed and with signature to our Surat office by courier or post. In case of fund transfer write transaction Id no. on form, in case of cash deposit, attach the cash counter slip (xerox will do) along with this form. You will get copy of form to your email address after you submit the online registration form.

13) After making the payments What I’m going to get?

After receiving your payment, we’ll send you an email containing your login credentials using which you can log into the server site and start working.

14) In case I’ve any query where should I contact?

Our live chat service is available to you at all times. You can also go through the FAQs section. You can also contact us by emailing to infodataentryworks@gmail.com or call us on the numbers given in ‘Contact Us’ section.